By Louis Altazan
Published: March 8, 2009
Updated: March 8, 2009
Marketing and management are often seen as different things. Both necessary, but somehow unrelated components of running a business. I feel this is very unfortunate and counter to what Dr. Deming tried to teach. I believe for a business to be successful, all components must be interrelated.

In point one Deming states, adopt constancy of purpose. Implied is, inline with the aim of the company. For instance, a business MUST understand the aim and then bring EVERY component inline with that aim. If the aim were, continuing ethical profit, everything the business does must support that aim. This includes marketing.

It would be illogical to misrepresent the product, mislead a client or promise more than can be delivered. Any of these factors is counter to the aim of the business. Rather the business would take guidance from point four, end the practice of buying on price alone. Price does not equal cost and lower overall cost should be the aim.

A business that has adopted the new philosophy, as in point two knows the reason for quality is to lower cost. Quality products simply cost less when considered over time. This is not only common sense, it is a very powerful marketing message, for a company that can deliver what is promised.

It is also impossible for non-transformed companies to duplicate. Their attempting to use this message will only serve to demonstrate how superior competitors that can deliver truly are. Deming philosophy is all encompassing to the business. Marketing and management, it is the same and should not be seperated.

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