By louis
Published: June 16, 2007

It has been my experience in life that those with whom we associate tend to influence our thoughts, opportunities and even possibly our potential. I feel this is seldom more so in the automotive repair business, than when choosing an employer.

An employee's potential may be closely aligned with that of his employer. Just as a star athlete may wish to affiliate himself with a great coach, an employee might seek a great manager [leader] of people. I feel a manager that cannot make a success of their own affairs is not likely to enable an employee to prosper in and enjoy their career.

Many employees may not consider that they actually choose their employer, since the prevailing thought pattern seems more that the employer picks the employee. Still, employees in our society do have a say in whom their employer might be. In my opinion this is not only a huge privilege, but a huge responsibility to one's self.

Auto repair is a service business and I believe the skills and abilities of the technicians are the product. The better the skills, the better the product and no skills equals no product. I think a skilled technician must command equitable compensation and treatment, or should continue their search [even while employed] for an employer that recognizes their worth.

I feel enlightened management is well aware of this concept and opportunity does exist. If management should wish to provide great service, they will need great employees. If they wish the best employees they might strive to be a great employer. If they care about neither . . .

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