By louis
Published: May 16, 2007

When discussing improvement I often refer to Dr. W. Edwards Deming. His work is the basis I have used to build my own business. Occasionally I am also asked where a person might learn more about Dr. Deming's philosophy.

The following is a list of reading material that I found helpful while studying. There are many volumes written about Dr. Deming.  These I have found particularly helpful in getting started. I suggest you read them in the order listed for best effect. Out of the crisis is listed last because it requires some previous knowledge of the theory to understand.

They do not offer a quick fix, you will find no how to or things you can put to work without thought. They are a beginning and will suggest a different way of looking at data, systems and people that you can implement to transform a business and effect long term change.

(1) Four Days with Dr. Deming

by William J. Latzko & David Saunders

(2) Deming's Road to Continual Improvement

by William W. Scherkenbach

(3) SPC at the Esquire Club

by Donald J. Wheeler

(4) Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos

by Donald J. Wheeler

(5) The New Economics, 2nd Edition

by W. Edwards Deming

(6) Out of the Crisis

by W. Edwards Deming

All of the above books are available through SPC Press, Inc., 5908 Toole Drive, Suite C, Knoxville, TN 37919; (800) 545-8602; Fax (423) 588-9440,

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