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Justifying your prices.
Posted by MattFMN
July 31, 2013

Analysis vs Synthesis
Posted by Louis Altazan
April 26, 2013

Great read
Posted by Louis Altazan
April 18, 2013

5 Deadly Diseases
Posted by Louis Altazan
April 17, 2013

Temporary surge?
Posted by MattFMN
April 3, 2013

Posted by Louis Altazan
October 12, 2012

Morale Killers
Posted by Louis Altazan
October 8, 2012

Would you work for you?
Posted by Seaside
September 8, 2012

Marketing Justification
Posted by Louis Altazan
June 6, 2012

"Nothing's Perfect"
Posted by Louis Altazan
May 31, 2012

RSA Video
Posted by MattFMN
March 14, 2012

Acceptable Defects
Posted by Louis Altazan
February 23, 2012

Undercover Boss
Posted by MattFMN
July 19, 2011

Learning When Buying
Posted by Louis Altazan
April 15, 2011

The Greatest Opportunity
Posted by Louis Altazan
November 7, 2010

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W. Edwards Deming Principles and Small Business Management

Are you forward thinking, opinionated and interested in improving small business management? If so, I believe this may be a place you will enjoy. When Dr. W. Edwards Deming went to Japan in the early fifties, he found a nation that was largely destroyed. He shared with Japan a vision of management that helped to transform the Country into a world leader.

Today in the West, we see huge corporations bankrupt and crumbling. Many small businesses too are failing and even more are not profitable. I believe the Fourteen Points of Dr. W. Edwards Deming are a way out of the crisis. I met Dr. Deming in 1984 and began studying his management philosophy. The transformation to my auto repair business was astounding.

Please browse through the articles on this site. We ask that you register, which is free of charge. This is necessary to help keep spam off the site. We will never use your email for any other purpose. Please sign up today and share your small business ideas, questions and successes with us.

Thank you,

Louis Altazan
AGCO Automotive Corporation

Random Thoughts
“I feel there is a symbiotic relationship between ignorance and arrogance. I don’t believe arrogance can exist without ignorance and ignorance is fostered by arrogance. Any that might aid an arrogant person may be convinced not to bother. Further - arrogance all but prevents the realization of a need for help at all.”
Latest Articles
Thoughts on Employee Treatment

The goal is happiness, and not just for the owner at the expense of everyone else. There are many stakeholders in a business,


The Farmer

There is no instant pudding, when it comes to resolving business problems. Better outcomes or the result of improvements to the system that produces them, not gimmicks or tricks.


Alexandre's Market

Could this example have any applications today?

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