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October 12, 2012

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September 8, 2012

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February 23, 2012

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April 15, 2011

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November 7, 2010

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W. Edwards Deming Principles and Small Business Management

Are you forward thinking, opinionated and interested in improving small business management? If so, I believe this may be a place you will enjoy. When Dr. W. Edwards Deming went to Japan in the early fifties, he found a nation that was largely destroyed. He shared with Japan a vision of management that helped to transform the Country into a world leader.

Today in the West, we see huge corporations bankrupt and crumbling. Many small businesses too are failing and even more are not profitable. I believe the Fourteen Points of Dr. W. Edwards Deming are a way out of the crisis. I met Dr. Deming in 1984 and began studying his management philosophy. The transformation to my auto repair business was astounding.

Please browse through the articles on this site. We ask that you register, which is free of charge. This is necessary to help keep spam off the site. We will never use your email for any other purpose. Please sign up today and share your small business ideas, questions and successes with us.

Thank you,

Louis Altazan
AGCO Automotive Corporation

Random Thoughts
“Arguing an indefensible position for the sake of pride is arrogance.”
Latest Articles
The Intersection

There was an intersection that had a thirty-percent higher than average accident rate. The city held a meeting and decided this was unacceptable and set a goal to reduce accidents by 10% a year for three-years. They announced the goal with a great deal of fanfare and sent out a memo to all departments . . . 


Thoughts On A Theory Of Knowledge

One of the four things Dr. Deming said were necessary for management was the theory of knowledge. He held that knowledge comes from theory; without theory there is no knowledge, only information . . .


Why Johnny Can't Wrench

Good automotive service, it’s very difficult to find. Not only does it take two to three days to get the vehicle back, often it’s not fixed the first time. Better shops often have a week or longer waiting lists for appointments. Whatever happened to the "good ole guy" at the gas station that could fix anything? The answers may be a surprise . . .

Generations and Leadership

When I was a young boy, I once asked my Grandmother what things were like during the great depression . . .  


The Other Fifty-Percent

An old adage goes, "Employees feel they don’t make what they are worth and employers think their employees are overpaid." One explanation is employees may measure their contribution in terms of their potential. Managers instead, tend to measure outcomes. The discrepancy in potential may be as much as fifty-percent.


An Employee's Responsibility

It has been my experience in life that those with whom we associate tend to influence our thoughts, opportunities and even possibly our potential. I feel this is seldom more so, than when choosing an employer in the auto repair trade.


Efficiency and Humanity

The word efficiency brings about different reactions from different people. Most managers embrace the concept wholeheartedly, at least as it applies to those that work for them. Many times workers are less enthusiastic about the concept.
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